Q? What styles do you teach?

I teach students fingerpicking, classical, chords, reading music, and rhythms, and I give them a strong music foundation on which they can build on. If students wish to sing with the guitar, I can teach them how to accompany themselves while singing. I do not teach jazz or rock styles since I am not trained in that area.

Q? What is your background as a teacher/musician?

I started playing the classical guitar when I was 7 and began teaching in 1973 at a local music store in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in guitar performance and pedagogy from the University of New Mexico and received my Master of Arts degree in classical guitar performance from California State University, Northridge. Teachers include Andres Segovia, Pepe Romero, John Duarte, Andrew York, and Alice Artz, and my guitar professors in college, Hector Garcia and Ron Purcell. Performing has taken me to Volos, Greece, Quebec, Canada, London, England, and throughout the U.S.  I perform as a soloist and in a duo with my violinist Susie Peek for recitals, chamber concerts, weddings, corporate events, holiday parties, and house concerts. I served on the faculty of Colorado Christian University from 1997 – 2015, heading the guitar department and teaching music business, guitar literature, pedagogy, and string techniques. As a teacher, I believe in the potential of every student. It is my goal to provide the best music education to anyone who studies with me.

Q? Do I need a guitar to take guitar lessons?

Yes, it is necessary to have an acoustic or classical guitar to practice every day. I do not have guitars to loan or sell. If you need to buy a guitar, I recommend shopping at a local music store such as Wildwood Music in Louisville or Guitars Etc. in Longmont. Amazon is an option also. I am happy to help you with guitar buying advice.

Q? How often and long are lessons?

Lessons are once a week for either 30 minutes or one hour. Less frequent lessons tend to cause a loss of momentum in the learning process. Beginning students do well with a half-hour lesson each week.

Q? Do you offer lessons every other week?

If you wish to take occasional lessons (such as every other week), you may do so, but you are not given a regular time slot since you would not be using the time regularly. Assigned times are given to those who commit to weekly lessons. If you want occasional lessons, each lesson is arranged to fit both our schedules during the week you want the lesson. I have found that students who take every other week progress much slower and are less motivated to practice than those who take weekly. 

Q? Do you offer group lessons?

Not at this time but I can teach 2 students of the same ability during the same time slot. This works well for siblings or friends who wish to take together. I currently do not have the space to teach more than 2 students at a time. 

Q? What ages do you teach?

My youngest students begin at age 6 and older ages are accepted. I currently teach an 84-year-old man who is loving lessons and doing very well. I teach over 90 students weekly and enjoy teaching all ages. 

Q? What kind of guitar should I buy?

Adults could play both steel string and nylon string instruments. Children should probably start with nylon string guitars. Smaller children should use a 3/4 or half-size guitar. I would be happy to speak with you or meet you in person to discuss what you or your child should purchase if needed.

Q? How much should I (or my child) practice?

It depends on the age and experience of each student. With very young children, I encourage about 10 minutes a day. Much more than this will cause pain to their fingertips. Children around the age of 12 and up can practice for 20 – 30 minutes daily. Adults often practice around 30 minutes a day to begin, gradually increasing with ability and enthusiasm.

Q? Do you offer Skype lessons?

Yes. I currently teach students in London, Mexico, Canada, Texas and Eastern Colorado. Payments for Skype lessons can be made through PayPal. 

Q? Do you have recordings of your work?

Yes, my album Amoroso Guitar Duo can be purchased at Amazon or on this site. You may also find Felicity Muench on YouTube and CD Baby.