Studio Policy

Lessons are taught at Felicity’s home in Lafayette, CO. Parents are expected to bring students on time and be prepared to pick them up when the lesson is over. Lessons that begin late due to student tardiness will not be extended.  

Make-up policy: Any lesson canceled by me will either be rescheduled or refunded.  If weather conditions are severe enough to cancel school and you cannot drive to the lesson, your lesson will be credited.  There are no make-up lessons for missed or canceled make-up lessons. 

Lessons will be paid in full regardless of attendance. There are no refunds for missed lessons for the months of September through May.  I do my best to make up lessons and students canceling due to sickness will have priority for a make-up lesson.  Depending on when free times are available, a make up lesson may occur anytime during the month of the missed lesson. Please commit to your weekly time. More information can be found on the FAQ page. 

Please be courteous and give at least 8 hours’ notice for a missed lesson. If a cancellation is due to sickness, it is understood that advance notice may not be possible, which is understandable, and students will still receive a makeup lesson. For other cancellations, please let me know at least 8 hours in advance so I can fill your time with someone else who needs a make-up lesson. There can be up to 30 cancellations in any given week, making it difficult to find open times for makeups. 

Students who do not show up for their lesson and have not canceled ahead of time will not receive a make-up lesson and will be charged for the lesson.

Payment for the summer months: June, July, and August are flexible due to vacations and other activities. 

Payment: The cost for lessons is $140 per month for weekly private half hour lessons. The cost for weekly private hour lessons is $280 per month. Payment is due by the first scheduled lesson of each month.  PayPal is accepted. 

If you feel you cannot commit to a regular weekly time, or you want one or two lessons per month, you may choose to take lessons on an “occasional” basis. The student is not given a regular weekly time slot since the time is not regularly used. Students may contact Felicity and arrange a lesson based on availability the week that the student wishes to have a lesson. Payment for that lesson is due the day of the lesson.

Students who miss a month or more of lessons without paying to reserve their time slot will forfeit their time. If you wish to keep your time slot, payment must be received for the month, including summer months. 

There is no charge to students or parents for the recitals which occur twice a year.